Baby Clydesdale steals the crowd’s heart during mom’s performs

When someone “steals the show,” it is supposedly not a good thing. However, when it involves cute animals, it is something everyone welcomes with an open heart. Recently, one Clydesdale foal stumbled upon fame unknowingly.

The innocent foal was not looking to steal the spotlight, but she quickly stole the heart of the onlookers. One of the onlookers captured the adorable moment in some sort of a rodeo show.

The rodeo started with a team of Clydesdales running together up and down in a dusty field. The horses were looking all professional & were delighted to be on the show. All of these massive horses looked mesmerizing.

However, suddenly a young Clydesdales entered the rodeo show running for a while. The foal wanted to be close to the team of horses stomping around the stadium. However, the little baby stole away the show with his antics.

The foal did not intend to become the center of attention and just wanted to be close to his mom. Nevertheless, he stole away the hearts of the onlookers at the rodeo show. Everyone at the show loved the baby horse.

The little fella ran so fast that no show’s volunteers could get hold of the foal. He continuously tried to be close to his mom. However, when he could not do so, he thought of leading the way for his mom and the other Clydesdales.

The little foal had a great time doing the zoomies and was not afraid of the crowd or the noises. It was possible that he would grow up to be a good road show horse himself one day.

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