Baby deer runs up to a Great Dane, but how the big dog responds will leave you shocked, WOW!

What would happen if a baby deer becomes friends with a Dog? Well, it sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? The friendship of a deer and a dog sounds quite impossible but things will not be the same once you watch this video.

A baby fawn, Pippin, was abandoned by her mother, but a Great Dane, Kate, adopted her. Kate’s owner Isobel Springett accepted this abandoned fawn to stay with her and Kate. But she never expected Kate and Pippin to be so close and friendly like this.

According to Isobel, the relationship of Kate and Pippin is really unique. From the way they greet each other to the way they play tag, all of it is so distinctive.

While it may seem natural that animals attack each other, we can’t deny the fact about their affection and love towards each other. If animals realize that potential threat is gone, there is no telling what kind of bond they are open to. And this video is an amazing proof of it.

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