Her Baby Is Drowning In The Water. Don’t Miss What The Family Dog Did!

A mother from Michigan called Patricia Drauch was scared senseless when she realized her two years old toddler son Stanley wasn’t right beside her, like she expected. Stanley was right with mom in the garage, but in a second, he had wandered off on his own into the pool, where he fell and started to drown.

Luckily for Mom and the whole Drauch family, there was a puppy hero who was ready to save the day. Theyr black Labrador god leapt right into the pool to swim to Stanley and save his life, by taking him out himself like a professional life guard. Patricia first thinks that her son is just floating in the pool, but she quickly realized that Bear, their loyal dog, was carrying him on his back to safety.

As she took her son out from the water, Patricia saw that the little boy was not breathing. She tried calling emergency on her phone, but her phone didn’t work, and she had to take Stanley to the fire fighters to see if they could rescue her and her son. Luckily, they helped them get to the hospital right away, and Stanley was released that same day. It was all thanks to Bear, the doggy!

Watch this incredible story for yourself in the video right below.

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