A Baby Girl Meets Wicket, The Newest Family Member

There’s very few things that are as touching and compelling as looking at a baby and a dog befriending each other and spending time together. Some people might think it is too dangerous to have a dog living with your baby nearby, but most of the time, babies and dogs get along just fine, as you’ll see in this video. The truth is, dogs can be the most protective and adorable nannies that your baby could ever hope to have, and the video below is absolute proof of this!

There’s several videos online that can show you how dogs can instantly befriend babies and kids right after they meet them, but this one shows us one very particular occasion. A baby girl named Sophie is meeting her new dog best friend for the very first time, and it’s one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen in my life! The baby seems like she can’t wait to touch her new friend and playmate, but Wicket the Yorkie is taking his time sizing up the competition for attention.

It’s always amazing to see the love and friendship that a baby and a dog can develop. It’s almost as if it was the purest and most amazing relationship that could ever exist. Innocence and adorableness all around!

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