This Baby Kangaroo Is Not a Real Fan of Her Baths. Her Facial Expressions Are Priceless

If you are a pet parent, you probably know the responsibilities of looking after them to ensure they are fed, healthy, and happy. Now imagine looking after a wild animal! Caring for a wild animal is not something you should carry out without proper training.

Chris “Brolga” Barnes aka “Kangaroo Dundee” has committed his entire life to providing aid and support to marsupials and orphaned animals that are looking for help in the wilderness of Australia. The Australian bush is no place for an orphaned animal to survive.


Brolga has spent many years with kangaroos, and he has even established his own sanctuary called Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs for orphaned baby joeys. Brolga is living his life’s dream of being able to rescue, support, and care for these animals that he loves so much.

Brolga used to work as a tour guide, but his passion earned him his own BBC series. In one of the recent episodes, we get to meet a cute little kangaroo who suffers from a skin condition. You are going to be smiling from ear to ear when you see how Brolga tries to heal her condition with a special bath.


The joey kept scratching because of her condition, and this is a bad thing. Her skin could become very irritated, and the scratching doesn’t allow her to get as much sleep as she needs. After her bath, he blows her dry and weighs her in a bowl. You have to see how cute this is.

This Baby Kangaroo Is Not a Real Fan of Her Baths. Her Facial Expressions Are Priceless