Baby Rhino And His Mommy Get To See Snow At Zoo! The Little Guy Is SO ADORABLE While Playing!

Seeing rhinos at a zoo always fascinates me. Nature creates so many odd-looking creatures, and this is one of the oddest, with the horn and the texture of their skin. Babies are so adorable and it just makes my heart so glad to see them being so happy, especially given that some of their species are endangered or even extinct. Let’s just put that out of our mind for now and watch this video of a rhino and his mommy enjoying something they ordinarily would not see.

We see a baby Eastern Black Rhino and his mommy at the Blank Park Zoo in Iowa. I have no idea why the name is Blank, but hey, I don’t live in Iowa and am not too familiar with the history of the state, so there might be a good reason for the name. I’m more focused on the little guy in this video, who is having a blast with little piles of snow that are on the ground. He’s chomping on it and rolling in it. So much fun!

Seeing this little guy frolic in the snow just made my day. Well, he’s only little compared to his gargantuan mommy who is standing nearby, with snow on her horn, like it’s a mountain with a snow peak. The snow had been shoveled into the enclosure by the zoo workers. That’s why it looks like such a scant amount. Still, it’s amazing for these two who probably wouldn’t see it in the wild.

It disgusts me that the Western Black Rhino is already extinct. Man has helped wipe out so many species, it’s mindboggling. I could probably go on for paragraph after paragraph about this, but it’s just sad that this adorable Eastern Baby Rhino has the pressure of being among an endangered species. I hope that this little guy grows up and helps bring his kind back to robust numbers. That’s all we can do now… hope.

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