Bats Can Be Quite Adorable. When You Hear The Sounds, This One Makes- How Eerily Precious!

Bats have always had a weird stigma attached to them. Back in the day it used to be that they were vampires that changed in the night. Other times, they were thought of as blood suckers. However, the idea of them being blood suckers were applied to the entire species of bats. This was mistake initially, as a predominant number of bats are vegetarians or consume only fruit and insects. The number of bats that attack humans rank in at a very small percentage. Not only does it not happen often, it’s almost unheard of. If you take the time to learn about bats, you end up realizing, most of them just don’t like being messed with. They are very nocturnal creatures who aren’t that social and sleep weird.

Jeddah is one case where you will quickly realize that this is one cute bat! His eyes may be wide and a bit different, but that doesn’t stop him from being any less precious. He is coddled by a caretaker who pets him all over with the gentle and loving touch of someone who knows. He knows bats are just like any other animal- human to zebra. If you treat them with care and respect, they will generally respond to that. I’m not saying approach a lion- that’d be a mistake. It’s about building that trust and rapport, much like you would at work or a community club or event. When you hear all the sounds Jeddah makes? You’ll want to rub his belly and hug him tight!

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