Grizzly Mom and Cubs Surprise Hiker As He Captures Harrowing Footage of The Event

Bear and CubsGetting away from it all in a beautiful National Park is a wonderful way for city folk to de-stress and make some time to relax. Modern city living can be taxing, with everyone in a hurry, with crowds and traffic to negotiate on a daily basis. So, a camping vacation in the woods is the perfect antidote. Or is it?

For the hiker who recorded this video, the corporate jungle may have suddenly seemed very appealing compared to the predicament he found himself in.

Bear and her cubsThe Katmai National Park is a stunning wildlife preserve in Southern Alaska. It offers camping grounds and trails for the more intrepid visitors. 

The place is idyllic here but it comes with a catch, the area is also a favorite haunt for the local bear population. At certain times of the year, it is not uncommon to come across the furry locals when hiking down to the river.

This camper ran into a bear known as Holly, out walking along the hiking trails with her two cubs. Mother bears are known to aggressively protect their cubs if they perceive a threat to them.

The hiker cautiously backs off and coolly deploys his camera to film the scary encounter. He hurries back down the trail, walking backward, so that he never takes his eyes off the bears. Keeping calm, the hiker even manages to add a running commentary to his recording.

Fortunately, the bears also keep their cool and don’t appear at all alarmed or distressed. One does wonder why the man doesn’t quickly duck off the trail and give the bears right of way. But he lives to tell the tale and post his adventure online.

Watch the camper’s encounter with raw nature and ask yourself, could you stay that calm and composed under the same circumstances?

That is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m surprised he kept it together enough to keep talking through the recording.

Grizzly Mom and Cubs Surprise Hiker As He Captures Harrowing Footage of The Event