Bear’s Pool Party of One Is One Big Summer Mood

When the hot summer sun beats down during a warm day, there’s nothing better than to cool off in the refreshingly cold water of a swimming pool. No matter if it’s a kiddie pool, above ground, or a fancy underground pool, it sure beats the heat.

It looks like humans aren’t the only ones enjoying a dip in the water. Thanks to a camera in the bear enclosure at the Oregon Zoo, we can watch an adorable black bear roll around in his very own pool.

Another bear sits idly by, waiting for his turn to have some fun in the sun. Black Bears have no trouble swimming across beautiful lakes, rushing rivers, or in tiny pools. Water is where they get their food in the wild, like delicious salmon.

It’s safe to say these two cubs are having a great time together. The Oregon Zoo is known for taking great care of the animals there, including giving these massive mammals a way to kick back and relax like the rest of us.