Beautiful friendship between panther and Rottweiler

This rottweiler and panther’s friendship is touching. You can really see their bond as they wrestle and frolic in the snow.

This black panther and friendly rottweiler are guaranteed to turn heads as they take a walk together in the snow together. It’s not every day you see such an unlikely friendship.

Luna, a black panther, was born to a traveling zoo. Rejected from her litter, her surrogate Dad reared her alongside Venza, the rottweiler. Together, the pair get up to lots of mischief!

While Venza prefers chasing sticks, Luna can be seen “stalking” her best buddy. As the dog gets near, she pounces on him and the pair end up wrestling in the snow.

Luna isn’t camera shy either as she climbs trees and sharpens her claws. Her black coat against the white snow is really quite the contrast, she isn’t fooling anyone if she thinks we can’t see her!

The highlight is the moment Venza and Luna tussle together, catching their breath. You can see just how close the pair are. Friendship between animals clearly knows no bounds.

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Beautiful friendship between panther and Rottweiler