Beautiful Horse Displays Some Mind-Blowing Moves During This Dressage Show! Wow!

The Olympic games include many competitions. Rack racing, gymnastics, and swimming, are probably some of the most popular sports. Not many people know about it, but dressage competitions are also widely appreciated. In this clip, we get to see a performance from a man named Severo Jurado from Spain. He and his horse, Lorenzo, are going to blow your mind!

They competed in this year’s Olympics as well. They executed their routine to Santana’s “Smooth.” However, this clip shares a performance they did at an earlier event. The audience was stunned when the duo started doing their unbelievable act on the field. What surprised me the most is the perfect timing of the beautiful horse. His performance is impeccable.

Dressage is about showing the judges that you and your horse have a connection and that the horse is flexible, agile, and will do what you have trained him to do. But when I watch it, it looks like the horse is dancing to me, especially this horse in the clip. Severo rides him effortlessly and you can’t even tell that he is giving the horse commands.

I can’t imagine the number of hours it must have taken him to train this horse to do this routine. This requires a level of trust and communication that most humans don’t have with each other. It is beautiful to watch how graceful and powerful this horse is.

Watch this jaw-dropping routine below! What did you think about this? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!