Benjamin is One Sassy Show Off Goat. Every Day He Follows His Adoptive Dad to Work! So Happy!

There are times when people can find silver linings in really tough situations. Tom Horsfield is one of those. He owns an animal nursing home in Britain and one of his pygmy goats gave birth to twins. She could only nurse one so she abandoned the other. It sounds cruel, but it’s how nature works. Fortunately for the goat, Horsfield was there to take care of it. He and the goat, which he named Benjamin, have bonded quite well, as this video shows.

It’s quite a sight. Horsfield walking along a road towards work with Benjamin bounding along, almost like he has little coiled springs in his hooves. It’s almost a pattern: Walk. Walk. Walk. BOING! Walk Walk Walk. BOING! I know I couldn’t walk along a city street with Benjamin without being stopped every three feet. They do tend to be more reserved in England. Oh well. Their loss.

Horsfield and the baby goat aren’t going to be together forever. He’s going to take it to a zoo and have it live with other goats. It’s the right decision. Benjamin will keep growing and it would be more and more difficult for him to take him home and back. But for now, the nursing home will reap the benefits of its new cute mascot. The goat loves playing with people’s shoelace, apparently.

I just have to say that the reporter for this piece is really lucky. He got to go to this animal nursing home and pet the cutest pygmy goat baby ever. It was bouncing around having so much fun. I could imagine the news station assignment editor: “OK, I’ve got a story here at a nursing home with a pygmy goat… HEY. NO STAMPEDING TO THE BLOODY DOOR! I haven’t assigned it yet!”

This video had me giddy with glee the whole time that I watched it. How about you? Please let us know in the comment section below.