This Adorable Bird Wakes Up His Buddy the Cat! SO CUTE!!

This might be the cutest thing you’ll watch all day, seriously! Chama is the adorable cat you’ll see in the video and U-Chan is the funny white budgie and the two are best friends. Chama naturally loves to sleep and U-Chan loves waking Chama up. Watch the two in this awesome video!

The look on Chama’s face every take she wakes up is priceless! Sometimes she’ll try to roll back to sleep but U-Chan won’t have it. He keeps nibbling at Chama’s paws until she wakes up. Once she’s awake the two play together and are ultra cute!

These two friends show what friendship truly means. It has nothing to do with the outside but the inside. Spread the message to your friends and let us know what amazing pet friendships you know.

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