When This Blind Kitty Received His First Toy Ever, He Melted My Heart. Aww!

Being born with a disability is an incredibly hard obstacle to surmount for any living being. However animals are incredibly resilient and can be a great source of motivation. Take this kitten, he was born blind that he has not let that get in the way of his happiness! Prepare to let out a few sighs and maybe a tear after watching this moving clip!

This little kitten in the video named Oscar is visually impaired. He was born blind and he never had the opportunity to play with toys ever before. When he was adopted, his parents gifted him his first toys. They gave him balls with bells inside them so that he could find them easily. And what happened next is absolutely precious.

Disabled pets want to play like ordinary pets. Unfortunately most of the times they go ignored at shelters due to their special needs. But they deserve as much love if not more. These people sure do have a big and warm heart!

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