Boaters Find Distressed Humpback Whale. What They Did Next Was So Incredibly Courageous.

Life’s all about making choices. There are minute ones – do I wear this shirt or this shirt? Can I get through one more day with these socks? Then there are ones that define you as a person. Will you like or regret them years later? The people in this video, who were boating off the Sea of Cortez, were faced with a literal life-or-death situation. What they did made us all proud as humans. They won’t regret it at all.

The boaters found this whale that had become enmeshed with a fishing net. This restricted his movements to the extent that he could barely keep his blowhole above water. Humpback whales can hold their breaths for a long time, but not indefinitely. If he went under for too long, it would drown. One of the men dove into the water and swam towards the whale with a knife. The gargantuan creature, perhaps realizing that he was trying to help, didn’t struggle.

It took a while, but they were able to free the whale, who promptly ate them. No, just kidding. This isn’t “Moby Dick: Part II.” Instead, he dove underwater and then repeatedly surfaced about 40 feet away from the boat. This was a gesture to show his thanks… and also to celebrate his newfound freedom. Everyone benefited – the men knew that they had helped save one of the noble creatures of the ocean and the whale got a second chance at life.

This is another one of those “What Would You Do?” scenarios. I would love to think that I could do what these boaters did. I’d be worried about the whale panicking, since as smart as they are, they are also the size of cars and even getting hit by a fin underwater could spell the end of me. I think I’d still take the chance, knowing that I was doing something good – karma would balance things out somehow.

I’ve seen this video several times, and I still get teary-eyed at the end. What about you? Are you wiping away a tear now? Please leave a comment!

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