This boy lost his leg when he was a baby. Wait until you see what he did!

Disabilities can be the nail in the coffin for many people that get the news out of the blue. People who have been born without any disabilities face many obstacles in their lives once they have an accident or some sort of event that changes how they are forced to face their life. Take people who are involved in a traffic accident, for example.

I saw this case of a guy who was on his way home from work one day. He hadn’t had anything to drink that day, he wasn’t even a drinker. He had to work late because of a project his boss had asked him to take part in. If everything turned out to be OK, he would be probably looking at a promotion a little bit ahead. He was a good person, he still is.

So, he’s driving home when another vehicle hits his car, sending him rolling on to a light pole on an intersection. He is left severely wounded. The other driver had been drinking. He was driving alone and also suffered serious injuries from which he recovered a little bit later. The guy on his way home was so badly injured that he spent several months in a hospital. After this ordeal, he was left unable to walk, despite all the therapy he had undergone.

This is one of those cases where a person is forced into a world where everything is made for people without any disabilities. What about the people who are born this way? Is it harder for them than it would be for others? People who are born with some sort of disabilities need to adapt to live differently from an early age. Many would say that they have it more difficult. There’s also the psychological aspect of it.

Being strong mentally is one of the things that will make the most difference when you are at a physical disadvantage. Take sports, for example, sports are truly the measure of the fastest, the strongest, the most capable to beat the rest in each discipline. I mean, there’s a reason that people with disabilities usually compete in the Paralympics instead of the Olympic games, right?

Not for the little guy in the next video. His name is Ezra. He was born with only one finger on his left arm and a crooked left leg that needed to be amputated. You would think that someone under those conditions would have a tough time adapting to life in the ‘normal’ world, right? Well, not a chance. This little kid doesn’t only take part in many sports but is also very good at them. In fact, he’s so good that he’s set 7 national records. Wait until you see what he told Ellen!