Boy Goes Sledding, But Grandma Completely Loses It When She Realizes Her Mini Horses’ Plan!

Mini Horses and Boy SledsSledding is a fun time for families, but in this video, the hill is in a pasture of miniature horses who insist on joining in the fun.

It was their first snow storm and it brought enough snow to go sledding, so Grandma (who raises mini-horses) took her grandkids out for some fun, but the little ponies were not going to be left out.

Grandma can’t contain her laughter when she realizes what her mini horses have in mind. It is difficult to say who is enjoying the experience more – grandma, the kids or the mini-horses.

I LOVE this video, and find myself watching it over and over again….and it always makes me SMILE…..very beautiful White Tail miniature horses.

We all remember those happy winter days when we would go sledding. Even better was when we were out on Christmas vacation, so we had tons of time to get out and play in the snow.

But wherever fun is happening, all young spirits want to get into the action.  The little ponies follow boy up the hill as if in a game of “follow the leader”. And when her grandson begins his descent down the hill, the ponies swarm by, racing the sled to the finish.

I think this is the most adorable video I have ever seen! What a wonderful way for your children to grow up (both human & equine).

The grandmother who shared this video with us says, “Thank you, EVERYONE, for all the wonderful kind compliments.  So glad you enjoyed.  I must apologize for my loud laughter – although genuine, should have muted I suppose. LOL, we had a ton of fun that day and I was totally blown away how viral it went :)”

Laughing my socks off! I love how one doubles back at about 1:05 as if to say, “Are you ok?  I’m here for you!”

Boy Goes Sledding, But Grandma Completely Loses It When She Realizes Her Mini Horses\' Plan!