Brave Kitten Touches The Big Dog’s Nose, Wait Till You See What Happens NEXT!

This clip is the ultimate guide on how to introduce a litter of kittens to a big dog. In the clip you will see five kittens that grew up together and Elsie the female golden retriever. The tension-filled opening sequence would quickly develop into delightful moments after delightful moments of feline and canine interaction.

You might notice that Elsie was newly shaved (a full body shave except her head and ears). Shaving off the adult dog’s long hair would help with the introduction but it’s not absolutely necessary. It is critical, however, to put the big dog in a down position before allowing the kittens to roam freely around the dog.

Pay attention to this clip and see how it’s done. Elsie just laid there, very mellow. One could detect a flicker of curiosity in Elsie at first, but she soon lost interest in the kitties, which is a very good sign – we would not want the dog to get excited.

The other useful element is the music. Since kittens and a dog make for an odd ensemble, jazz music would be best. Again, pay attention to this clip. Notice the crystal clear jazz piano with not too much improvisation playing in the background? It’s the ideal background music during the meeting. Again, this is helpful but not indispensable.

To really cut to the chase, the top criterion for a successful introduction is locating a very mellow dog. Elsie, for example, is very mellow. She even tolerated the kittens touching her nose!

Have you ever seen a more peaceful meeting of cats and dogs? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. We’d love to hear from you!

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