This Brave Mom Has A Powerful Legacy For Her Kids! Her Gift To Them Will Make You Cry!

There are many different kinds of bravery that manifest in various actions depending on the difficulties we are tasked with! However selfless actions and self-awareness in times of crisis are how the most honorable brand of unsung heroes are made. This heartbreaking and moving story is a testament to that sentiment!

In 1994, Reenie was unfortunately diagnosed with breast cancer. She won the battle against this cruel disease just to have another showdown, fourteen years laters, this time the monster was ovarian cancer. Alongside, she developed skin cancer, this deadly combination concluded in Reenie’s untimely death in 2011. However, her legacy would not be forgotten!

Upon Reenie’s insistence, her kids, Kristin and Marc were screened on their BRCA2 genes for mutations. Deformities in this specific gene sequence signify improper cell growth; a high disposition for developing Cancer. With this information, the sibling decided to take a positive hand-on approach to the limitations they had to face!

They completed the screening and sure enough, unfortunately their test came back positive. They, and their children, were effectively at a higher risk of developing cancer. Kristin decided to remove her ovaries and have regular exams to discard any suspicions of cancer and Marc is screened more frequently as well!

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