Brave Survivors Of Michael Vick’s Underground Fighting Ring Get The Chance For Love

We all remember the raid on now infamous NFL quarterback Michael Vick in 2007. Police had a warrant issued to search Vick’s home for drugs, but instead found evidence of a large scale dogfighting ring and 51 aggressive pit bulls.

There was a call for the dogs found at Vick’s property to be put down. They’d been trained to fight. People were scared of their aggressive behavior, and called them a threat to public safety. Thankfully, not everyone agreed.

Two of the pit bulls died in care shortly after the rescue, while another was deemed “too emotionally and physically damaged” to save and was humanely euthanized. That left 48 dogs, who were given the chance at a better life.

Filmmaker Darcy Dennett explores the story of the surviving pit bulls in her latest documentary, ” The Champions.” Many of them have gone on to act as therapy dogs, others have been fostered or adopted, while some have gone on to other care centers to give them more time to heal.

There is a popular belief that pit bulls are inherently dangerous animals. There are certain neighborhoods and cities that don’t allow them as pets. But the video below proves that these dogs are in need of love, not fear.

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