Brave Woman Sees Giant Snake On Highway. She Does Something That Stuns Everyone.

Saving animals is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever feel. Animals have a way of finding themselves in the tightest spots possible. There are times when these problems are caused by humans. There was a case of a hunter who was out hunting pigeons. He spots some illegal traps that someone had placed. Not only are these traps outdated, but they can also cause severe injuries to animals and even man. While many states have strengthened the regulations to protect animals.

There are other states were work still needs to be done. Illegal traps have been a problem throughout the years. Even though there is a governing agency that oversees them, not enough people and resources are destined to it to make enough of a difference. Not everything has to be about traps. There are times that cats and dogs get stuck in very tight places. There was one dog who wondered in the sewers. She slipped and fell. Unfortunately, during the fall she had injured one of her legs. This meant that she couldn’t stand. A rescue group got the call for the poor dog. They went there and rescued her and they saw she was badly injured. Besides the obvious bath, she needed a splint and some antibiotics.

Whenever we think about rescuing, it’s usually cats and dogs, right? How about snakes? You wouldn’t think that a snake would be able to get into trouble? But this happened in a remote highway in Brazil. A biker starts filming when suddenly he sees something that is way out of context. A snake is just lying there on the pavement. The traffic stopped and people are looking.

No one really knows what to do in this case. Is this snake dead? Do you just go ahead and grab it? No one really wants to do anything because the snake might be alive and they might get bitten. The biker zooms-in to catch a better glimpse of the snake and realizes the snake’s alive. Suddenly, a young woman named Camilla enters the frame. She is looking at everyone and realizes no one is really going to do anything about it.

What she does makes everyone nervous. She goes slowly towards the snake to see if she can grab it. As she gets closer, the snake lifts her head almost announcing an attack. People in the crowd start yelling at Camilla: “she’s going to bite you.” Camilla gets closer as if she was trying to establish some sort of connection with the snake. Someone to the right tries to distract the snake to look the other way.

Suddenly, Camila grabs the snake by the head and lifts her off the pavement. Everyone is relieved and before putting the snake in a safe place, people decide to take pictures of a young woman with the snake. Not only was the snake in trouble because of the oncoming traffic. She could also have bitten someone. Because a lot of semi-trucks go through that highway, she could have gotten squashed. Thanks to the courage of this young woman, the snake lives another day!