Bride and groom stand at the altar, suddenly break into epic flash mob and it goes viral

Doing something unusual and entertaining at a wedding ceremony is pretty much now a new tradition! It seems that if you’re not doing it, you’re going to get left behind! Lately, it seems the trend is really hotting up, as more and more couples are getting in on the novelty wedding action! Gary and Tracy Richardson are no exception, and when they tied the knot, they made sure it was unforgettable!

It was all going very traditionally as the vicar of St. Mary and St. Martin’s Church in England drew the proceedings to a close. The bride looked lovingly into the eyes of the groom and they kissed when they were announced to be man and wife. But that’s where tradition went sailing out the window, as someone turns on the dance music – and the vicar just loses it!

We’re sure you’ve not seen a flash mob quite like this, as one by one other guests in the congregation join in by dancing to C+C Music Factory’s “Gonna Make You Sweat,” which is better known as “Everybody Dance Now!” The newlyweds turn around and lead the choreographed dance, before friends, family and other guests are on their feet as well. It’s utterly hilarious – especially as we can’t take our eyes off the vicar!

There’s one particular moment to look out for too, as it seems not everyone was happy with the arrangement! Watch out around 1.32 in the video to see a pair of elderly ladies who decided this type of celebration wasn’t quite for them!

But a celebration it was, which was the name of the next number the chose to dance to, and by now (most) of the church are up dancing with the happy couple. And of course, the vicar is still going for it. We wonder how many weddings she has to participate in quite like this one?!

In fact, she gets so into it that she runs down the aisle to continue something of a solo performance, before realising that the ceremony isn’t quite over just yet. After all the shenanigans, it’s time to finish the service and she bolts back up to the altar to continue. “Let us pray,” she exclaims, breathlessly! Even after all that, they get right back down to business!

This is definitely a memorable flash mob wedding dance for a variety of reasons, but we think that vicar steals the show. What an absolute legend!