Bride and groom share an intimate moment! When you see them at this wedding, you’ll get shivers!

Weddings can be such a great time for a couple to find many avenues of anchoring their bond to their loving betrothed. From the cutting of the cake to pictures, the ceremony is one where the bride and groom express their joy for their quest of finding love ending. The experience can be deeply intimate and romantic. At times, perhaps risqué. Yet, to watch a couple come together so happily, to enjoy each other so much that after all the planning is done, the event is happening, you learn one dance to show your bond.

We’ve seen this same sort of behavior in different countries as well as tribes. To do a dance to confirm the arrangement. Yet, with a wedding it’s a tad bit different. The dance they use to solidify their bonds is the first dance between bride and groom. It’s a very important part of the wedding, almost as important as the exchanging of the vows.

A lot can be said in words, but when Asia and Maciek start to boogie, there’s no need. Their amazing rendition of a timeless classic has onlookers amazed. The amount of time to learn all of those moves, to choreograph and put in the work to memorizing the choreography. On top of working, on top of completing the busy and hectic wedding check list. Give out invitations, plan the food, plan the location, where everyone will sit, who has allergies, what kind of placemats, DJ’s to spin music- it can be overwhelming. When we see these two hit the dancefloor we realize how much their dedication pays off! The two make a flub here and there, but when you hear the music and watch their lovingly silly dance, you will be beside yourself with the warmth of the love they share.
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