They Bring A Dairy Goat To An Animal Sanctuary, And Are Surprised When They Take A Closer Look At Her Stomach

When the adorable goat Butterscotch first arrived in Animal Place, she took everyone by surprise when they found out that she was three months into her pregnancy! Of course, it’s an understatement to say that the farm animal sanctuary located in Grass Valley, California was glad to have both the goat and his kid at home together. The animal rescue was, of course, happy to learn of the new addition that would soon join their family.

If they had been in different circumstances, such as back in a farm, Butterscotch and her baby Bella would have been separated soon after the baby was born, since Butterscotch used to be a dairy goat back in her farm days. Dairy goats spend almost their entire lives impregnated, since they need to produce milk for the farmers, and the babies are taken elsewhere to be raised apart from their mothers. The mother goats won’t produce enough milk to share if the babies are allowed to stay with them.

Thanks to Animal Place and all of their amazing staff, these two goats had the privilege of spending their whole lives together as a family. The video below will show you the amazing bond that Butterscotch was able to develop with her baby, and it will show you that maybe the farm industry has a lot of things that have to change.

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