They Bring This Mini Pony To Meet A Sick Child. Watch What The Horse Does…

There have been several studies that demonstrate the positive impact that animals can have in people’s health, and there’s few things as sweet as looking at an animal trying to comfort and help a child in need. The video below was recorded at Our Children’s House, in Baylor, an organization that has a special team of horses that give their love to those who need it the most.

This clip in particular shows how one of the horses, Tristan, comes to the help of a sick child named Logan, to give him some comfort and affection when he needs it the most. Logan had been undergoing chemotherapy, and this gives him many side effects that are extremely difficult to bear. But with the help of Tristan, the boy can have a sweet while of happiness and joy.

Imagine how delighted he must have been when he saw that tiny and adorable horse coming through his hospital door. Logan looks very tired and debilitated, and the touch that the horse gives him makes the boy lighten up with energy. The horse gives him a few pats on his feet, and even gives the boy a few tongue kisses to try and cheer him up. Efforts like these are what makes the difference for sick children worldwide!

Watch how this therapy horse changes a boy’s life in the video right down from here.

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