Bruce Springsteen Gets A Little Crazy For This Classic Christmas Song. The Boss Is So Awesome!

We all have our favorite Christmas songs we like to crank up around this time of year. Maybe you’re a fan of the old crooners, or maybe it’s the newer pop medleys that really get you into the holiday spirit. Either way, you’re in luck! This performance is a little bit of both, so it will go perfectly with any festive playlist.

Bruce Springsteen’s trademark gravelly voice is usually reserved for his rock songs, but “The Boss” also has a soft side. He first sang this classic Christmas tune back in 1971, breathing new life into it with his distinct vocals. It’s a lot different from Eddie Cantor’s original version from 1934. That’s for sure.

Backed by his famous E Street Band buddies, Springsteen dons a silly Santa cowboy hat for this performance back in 2007. Most people couldn’t pull off that novelty style, but there’s not much that doesn’t look good on The Boss!

The smile on his face and affection between his fellow musicians makes this video one of my all-time favorite feel-good memories of the season. The way they break down the beat for, “you better be good for goodness sake,” makes you want to dance around while you wrap all the presents you bought for your loved ones! Of course, that might make getting the tape straight a little difficult, so it’s probably best to reserve this for your holiday shindig.

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