They Built A Maze For Their Cats, And Watch What Happens Next

Cats love boxes as much as they love toys. In fact, to them, a box is a toy, especially if it has a few holes in it or is an odd shape. A box can be their most favorite thing in the world. No matter how small a box is, they just have to get inside it for some reason. Most cats prefer to play with an ordinary box rather than those expensive cat toys their owners buy for them, and the cats in this clip are no exception. Wait until you see what their innovative and clever owner made for them to while away the hours when they’re not sleeping.

Then these people created something awesome with twenty ordinary boxes that has entertained their cats for hours and cost them almost nothing. What they created here is pure genius. I wonder how long it took these furry feline owners to create this magical maze that will entertain their cats till their old age.

Check out this video and see how much fun these cats are having with their maze of cat boxes! I love this creation and I have two cats of my own, so I can’t wait to try this one at home.

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