They Call Him “Harry The Farting Hippo!” When You See What He Can Do, You’ll Be In STITCHES!

Many people are close minded when it comes to farting. More often than not, it is usually treated as a taboo subject, isn’t it? But all of us should understand that farting is a natural process. You are going to laugh out loud when you see how flamboyantly this hippo in the video below embraces it! I seriously can’t stop laughing!

This hilarious hippopotamus is named Harry, and it looks like this flashy guy is not shy or afraid of anything! Harry is making a rare appearance outside his watering hole at the zoo, and you will find out why when you watch this clip. Hippos rarely hang out outside the water, but Harry needed to step on dry land for a moment.

A lot of people were gathered around his enclosure in this zoo, excitedly watching him come up out of the water. They really got to see what a big boy he is. Then Harry needed to, uhh, relieve some pressure. Harry really let one rip! This fart seemed to go on forever, and believe me when I say the spectator’s must have been happy that they weren’t too close to him!

When hippos fart, it’s apparently not all air that is let loose. Harry shook his little tail so he could spread things around a bit. I have never seen or heard such an eventful release of gas from any animal. It is hilarious!

The spectators’ reactions are hysterical! After watching this clip, many people have commented that his fart sounds like a lawnmower or even a chainsaw. And they would be right!

But the story did not end with a fart. Wait till you see what happens next!

Watch this silly hippo below! Have you ever seen anything like it before? Let us know in the comments section!

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