Camera Caught Cat Doing THIS To A Baby Rabbit. Even Her Owner Was Stunned

When it comes to animals there are plenty of misconceptions. For instance, many people believe that cats are insensitive killers who don’t like any other animal except other cats. That simply is not true. Cats are actually very sweet, loving animals and they are capable of being very compassionate to other animals.

It is not uncommon for mother cats to adopt other baby animals who have been abandoned by their own mother. This is seen quite often and at many shelters and rescues mother cats will be paired up with other baby animals who are needing a mother. Those mother cats jump right into that role and immediately take care of the baby at hand.

In this featured video you will see a mother cat doing just that. There was a bunny who was orphaned and this mother cat simply scoops up the little bunny and brings her back to where all over her little kittens are. She is now part of the family.

This video is absolutely adorable to watch and shows just how caring cats can be. Not all of them are heartless, unfeeling creatures that many will have you believe. There is quite a bit of love that cats are more than willing to share with others. That is exactly what you will see in this video, quite a bit of love.

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