Cameras Caught Cat Walking Around Mongolian Mountain. Wait Until You See Its Species.

Nature is amazing. There are so many species of animals living on this Earth in so many different locations. Some life forms exist at the bottom of the ocean, in blazing hot air vents and some live in high altitude, where only the most hardy can survive. Then there’s the mountain ranges, far from civilization. Animals like the Pallas’ Cat call that home and they are hard to find. Until we see this video, that is.

The Pallas’ Cats we are watching in this video are in mountains in Mongolia. Yes, that’s quite a remote place. No wonder they aren’t very well-known. They are about the same size as my cats, though their features are slightly different, especially in the nose and their face always looks perpetually grumpy. That’s actually not a surprise, since I would have the same look on my face if I lived in the mountains of Mongolia with no Internet access.

We even see some baby Pallas’ cats roaming around at night. It’s cool to see their night vision at work, although it is a bit eerie at times. They are so curious and walking right up to the camera. It’s like they are thinking, “Wow. What’s this black shiny thing that’s looking at us? Let’s go take a look!’ Hopefully, they can go out and find food to sustain themselves and meet other ones so they can continue their lineage.

There’s something a bit off about seeing the motion sensor camera’s output. The movement seems jerky. It’s almost like it teleports from place to place every half-second. I know that’s the nature of the filming, but that’s what I noticed. It’s great that the Pallas’ Cat is still around. It’s sad that we’re living in a time where people don’t care that a lot of species are going extinct. Once they’re gone there’s no bringing them back. We need to act now.

What an unusual-looking but cute cat! I hope they make a comeback. What do you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please post them in the comments section!

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