Can You Believe This Korean Electric Neck Massager? OMG It’s For Dogs!

As we known, South Korean manufacturers have become top dogs in electrical appliances and devices. Even with that in mind, I can’t describe how impressed I was when I saw this ingenious electrical neck massager for dogs! It blew me away, I admit.

Look at the expression of bliss on this Chihuahua! Lying flat on the back with her head and neck on the pulsating neck massager, this pampered dog looks like she’s in heaven.

Most people thought that the owners of this Chihuahua put a newspaper over her to let people know that they are in South Korea. I can see why they would think that but it’s not the real reason. The real reason is modesty – her thoughtful owners used the newspaper to cover up her genitals. Aww… so caring and thoughtful.

I heard from my friends in Seoul that this is what a lot of dogs there spend their weekends doing these days. This is because every weekend hundreds of thousands of people there take to the streets to protest their president.

The first female president of South Korea is embroiled in a pay-for-play scheme with her best friend’s foundations, so the people there choose to hold her feet to the fire every weekend, but of course while they’re doing that, they wanted to make sure that their dogs can enjoy themselves home alone.

Don’t know about you, but looks to me the dogs of Korea are having a pretty good time. I’m curious to know if the doggy neck massager is one-size-fits-all or if it comes in multiple sizes.

What do you think about this neck massager for dogs? Would you buy one if they’re available on Amazon? Let us know in the comments section below. It’ll be much appreciated.

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