Precious Polar Bear Cubs Think Mom is Their Jungle Gym

If there’s one thing that’s truly universal across all animal species, is that the relationship between a mother and her child is one of the deepest bonds ever. When you see the video that we brought today for you, you won’t be able to contain your “aww” s. The clip is a perfect depiction of the beautiful mother-child relationship in the wild.

A mama polar bear is closely caring for her baby cubs, and since the moment they cling to her back, and until they run off on their own, the mother is always watching. Even in the animal kingdom, being a Mom is a very tough job, but this Mama Bear doesn’t give up easily.


These two adorable cubs are having a ball playing with their mom. One is hanging on for dear life as mama is walking around, and he is hanging off her. Mama stops playing to roll around in the snow for a bit and is then seen resting her eyes while the two cubs decide she is the best jungle gym ever.

Mama is so nice; she doesn’t even seem irritated when one of her darlings starts chewing on her ear. The clip is very sweet, and it will give you a reminder of how precious the love between a mother and her kids really is. There really isn’t anything more vital for a child, and a little love can go a long way.

Precious Polar Bear Cubs Think Mom is Their Jungle Gym