Car ad never aired: a ghostly presence caught on camera freaked everyone out

Maybe ghosts are just figments of the imagination. Yet there are plenty of people who not only believe in ghosts but claim in all seriousness to have seen them. Ever since photography was invented, there have been numerous efforts to capture images of paranormal events, including ghosts. Wouldn’t you know it would finally happen by accident?

A few years ago, a camera crew was filming a commercial for a car company in England. They saw to it that everything was perfect: the latest model rolled through beautiful countryside on a winding road. The car company was going to love it: images like these would make people want to get behind the wheel and enjoy the open road, perhaps in a nice, new car. Of course, there’s more to making a commercial than just filming. It takes a lot more work before it’s ready for television.

For instance, an editor has to eyeball it to make sure everything is exactly right. This involves reviewing the footage again and again carefully looking for the slightest problem or anomaly. The editor of this commercial certainly found an anomaly! There was… something… moving along with the car. Maybe it was just mist, but anyone who saw it would swear there was something eerie and ghostly about it.

The real shock came when the people making the commercial found out that just a year before, someone had been killed in a horrific accident at the exact spot where the “anomaly” began to appear in the footage they’d shot. Not only were they freaked out, but the people at the car company were, too. The commercial never aired.

That mysterious commercial is now on-line and we’ve posted it for you below so you can see for yourself. You do have to look very carefully to see the “ghost.” But when you do, wow! In fact, if you have a heart condition, the safest thing to do is to skip this one.

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