This Caring Mom Takes Her Daughter to Her Ultrasound. What This Hungry Mom Said to Her Small Daughter Will Leave You In Tears!

Childbirth is such a beautiful act. The closer bond a mother shares with her lucky child is unfathomable, unless you yourself are a mother. It is not an easy job and you do not always get the most gracious thank you, but please know it was in our hearts first. This mom must be expecting a few kids; she is as big as a watermelon! She nervously waits for the doctor to tell her the news.

This lovely pregnant mother is ready to see the sex of the soon to be newborn. As she anxious waits to hear the great news from the doctor she looks over at her little daughter and thinks of how great she is turning out, how adorable her every action is. Even the not so adorable ones have their own charm. The elder sister looks on patiently with her mom, both avidly focused on the screen above. The prepared doctor puts on gloves and gets right to work!

The glowing mom belly glistens with jelly as the trusted family doctor searches quickly for the newest family member. In an instant the image of a flashing green outline, moving about a black background is revealed. The doctor decreed it is a boy. The mother exclaims in joy, she sighs happily, resting in the moment- a boy! I am going to give birth to the cutest baby boy! Over joyed the father starts planning what bands to teach him about first with great joy.

Moms daydream was cut short by her little girl asking about the new baby brother she will be getting.
The little girl is confused on how they can know all of that. How did they know it was going to be a boy? The patient mom explains with the utmost care how the doctor’s equipment all worked. The small child is astonished and comes to the quirkiest conclusion! This loving mother corrects her mistaken daughter.
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