Carol Burnett’s restaurant mishap when waiter avoids her

In one of the most hilarious skits from The Carol Burnett Show, Carol shines as Harriet, a woman who just can’t seem to get the attention she deserves. In season 9, episode 14, Harriet meets her friend Felicia, played by Vicki Lawrence, for lunch at a restaurant. Still, things quickly spiral into a comedic disaster.

From the get-go, Harriet can’t catch a break with waiter #1, played by the brilliant Harvey Korman. She calls him over and over, but he’s as elusive as a rare unicorn. Finally, poor Harriet pours her heart out to Felicia, lamenting that she feels invisible and left out.

But Felicia, distracted by the menu, isn’t giving Harriet the attention she craves. Harriet’s frustration grows as waiter #1 only responds to Felicia’s calls and ignores her completely. It’s like she’s a ghost in the restaurant! Even when Felicia tries to order Harriet, the waiter conveniently “forgets” her existence.

And don’t even get her started on the other waiter, played by the hysterical Tim Conway, who takes away the shrimp cup that Felicia has given her to eat. Then, presuming no one will eat that, the first waiter even smashes Harriet’s face onto the steak plate and gets her face greased with butter.

However, as she marches to the washroom to clean the grease up, the waiter (Tim Conway) manages to collide with her, sending her tumbling onto his food trolley. As if that was not enough, he keeps piling dirty dishes on her back like she’s part of the trolley.

Back at the table, Harriet’s frustration reaches a boiling point. She screams, demands attention, trips the waiters, and knocks over utensils – anything to make sure she’s seen and heard.

Harriet finally screams out, “You know who did that? I did that!” It’s a declaration of her existence that’s both side-splitting and triumphant. But even when the waiters discuss the chaos before her, they still don’t acknowledge her presence. Making the audience roll out laughing.

Harriet’s antics in the restaurant are a masterclass in comedic timing and physical comedy, leaving the audience in stitches. It proves that Carol Burnett’s unique brand of humor is truly unmatched.

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Carol Burnett\'s restaurant mishap when waiter avoids her