Caroline Maurer becomes a hero after saving baby’s life from a car.

People can be very protective sometimes especially if there are children involved. Every time you are with a person and trouble is around the corner your survival instinct is automatically activated, you react naturally and don’t even think about what you are currently doing. But sometimes, the will and love of a person is so powerful that their body quickly moves to protect others instead of themselves. This is a key ingredient in the personality of a true hero and the next story highlights exactly this kind of value.

Caroline Maurer is a regular student in the state of Los Angeles and from a very young age, she started to take care of children as their nanny. The kids simply love Caroline, she is a very loving person and there is no doubt that she would do anything for them, from drawing monsters to make special dinners she has proved to be always present for the kids. Such is the bonding, that they considered her part of their families.

One day Caroline was watching over a kid of two years old named Fox, she already had spent some time as his nanny so they knew each other very well. To get out of the house and get a little bit of fresh air Caroline decided to take a walk around the neighborhood in Atwater Village, she got ready and put little Fox inside the stroller to take off. After only one block away from the house, they got to an intersection with a four-way stop. As there were no cars around, she started crossing to the other side with Fox but at that precise moment, life did a major turn on them.

A car coming at high speed ignored the stop sign and made a left turn directly to their location. Watching the movement of the car it was very clear that it was going to be an imminent collision with them, the only option possible to avoid the car was to push the stroller as hard as she can to take Fox out of the trajectory.

Caroline received the full hit of the car; her arms, hands, and part of her shoulders were instantly crushed and the impact pushed her away a few meters forward on the street. She sustained multiple fractures and bruising over her entire body.

After several surgical procedures, she had to spend two and a half weeks in the hospital and two more months in a rehab facility trying to regain the strength and movement of her hands. Due to this event, she had to postpone her studies and she is unable to work for the time being.

This was a pure love sacrifice, worthy of a true hero. If you want to help Caroline, Fox’s parents are making a fundraising to ensure her medical expenses as well as other needs in her life. Every time you share this news we are 30$ more close to the final goal, so go now and enter