“Seeing Eye Cat Adopts Blind Dog As Best Friend. Guides Him Everywhere.”

This blind and deaf dog was afraid to leave the safety of his bed… until an unlikely friend came along. Now they go everywhere together and they are the very best friends in the world!

Meet “Puddy”, a stray feline. Before this kitty met her blind best friend,  Puddy  was a loner with a fierce reputation as a bully cat on the streets. She was known as the most aggressive cat in the neighborhood, a stray at the time. Then she was adopted by a woman with a blind and partially deaf dog.

When Puddy met this sweet doggy, her loner days were over! Puddy becomes a seeing-eye-dog of sorts, leading his canine friend (Tervel) around with her tail in a wonderful show of compassion. It’s simply amazing how they help each other out.

A friendship between cat and dog blossomed. Previously, Tervel the dog was scared and bound to his bed basket. But now, Puddy takes him for walks in the countryside — “nose to tail.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prPQC9l8muM