This Cat Is Curious About That Snail On His Friend’s Paw. Pay Attention To What He Does…WHOA!

I am more of a dog person, but I have to admit, cats can be really cute sometimes. People usually typecast these poor felines as an unfriendly species. But some cats show us why such stereotypes are incorrect. For example, the adorable cats in this video. This cute clip made my day! Wait till you see this!

A snail somehow managed to climb onto the paw of one of the cats. But the cat is not affected in the least. This cute feline is the definition of Zen! However the second cat has a totally different reaction. He is curious about the snail as he comes closer to examine it. And it is hilarious to see how curios the tiny snail is too. At one point I thought the cat was going eat the snail, but what happens instead is cuteness overload!

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