Cat gets a job at a nursing home after he refused to leave… That’s right, a cat!

Some time ago, if you were to ask me which pet was my favorite, I would have said ‘dog’ without a doubt. Now, I am divided between cats and dogs. You see, back when I was a little kid, I had many different pets, but I never really had a cat. There was a cat from the neighborhood that would hang around my house occasionally, but he wasn’t mine. Come to think of it, maybe he didn’t have an owner.

Because I never had cats, I never did any research on how they were or what they liked to do. I’ve come to know dogs very well because I had one for a long time. I pretty much became an expert. I read a lot of books about dog behavior and even managed to teach him a lot of tricks. I felt very comfortable around dogs. Cats, as far as I was concerned, were just weird.

I came to own a cat just recently. I had always said I would never have a cat. Mostly because of ignorance. I thought they were just lazy, bossy, ungrateful, and selfish. Okay, they are a little lazy. If you are an active person and you want your pet to go outside with you to run 3-5 miles, get a dog. Cats are animals that like to hang around the house and explore a little.

It is not uncommon for cat owners to lose track of their cats for a while. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, they are very stealthy. Many owners get a small bell that the cat is carrying on a collar, so they can know where the cat is. It might seem like a joke to you, but before I did this, I almost stepped on my cat a couple of times. So, it’s never a bad idea.

Cats are very different from dogs in all sorts of ways. First, they are very independent. They will not be nagging for your attention unless they really like you. One myth is that a cat will think they own every corner of your house. This is not at all true. They will pick a couple of spots and make it their own favorite spaces, but they will respect yours (at least mine does).

Cats are very lovable. They like to give and receive love and are the perfect companions for people of all ages. Sometimes they can even get a job! Yes, that’s right. The cat in the following video did just that. She used to live outside a nursing home, but now she’s part of the staff. Watch her incredible video!