“When This Man Slipped Into A Diabetic Coma, His Cat’s Response Is Nothing But HEROIC!”

It’s not uncommon for dogs to come to the aid of a human in danger, but kittyies can be just as heroic. They also have that special sixth sense that canines have and they just “know” when something isn’t right — as this beautiful gray feline proves!

Meet Oz. He has been with his beloved daddy since he was a kitten. So, the Ozzy knows this man quite well. So when his daddy  fell onto the floor in a diabetic coma, Oz knew that something was NOT right. He went to find the man’s girlfriend who was in another room. Oz wouldn’t leave the girl alone till she followed him to where the man laid.

So, now Oz joins the list of those brave kitty cats who have become unsung heroes online. If you want to see the amazing story of Oz watch this video then let us know your thoughts by commenting below. https://youtu.be/v9_eGg7rD8Y Be sure top share this video with your friends and family on Facebook. It’s an amazing story of a heroic cat and we should celebrate Ozzy for his smart thinking!