Cat At South Korean Shelter Faces Certain Death. His Transformation Amazed Me.

Shelters get cats all the time. Many of them are sick and just need a place where they can get fed for a little bit before passing on. There are others that are euthanized even when they are healthy because there’s just not room for them. It’s sad, but there are more animals than cages out there. Then there’s what happened with this particular kitty, who faced really long odds and somehow pulled through.

Jon Snow – yeah, whoever named him that is a big “Game of Thrones” fan – was found on the streets of South Korea, emaciated and very sick. His next destination was a high-kill shelter. Rachel Brown found him there and despite the staff there saying he had a very small chance of living, she decided to adopt him anyway. Something told her that Snow would revive himself and go on to be healthy.

Snow fought off the dangerous infection and was brought to Brown’s home. He looks like a different cat with the clearer eyes and face. The fact that he knew he had a chance to be sent home instead of euthanized must have really jump-started his immune system. Now he’s content and hopefully he goes on to live a good, long life. At least, he won’t have any other residents of Westeros with him.

Stories about never-say-die animals or people always makes me feel good. They also make me want to work harder, no matter how tired I am. If they don’t give up, then I won’t rest. I’m gad that Snow got a new mommy and a forever home. The difference at the beginning of the video and at the end is amazing! I wonder if JRR Martin would want to include a cat like this in his next book…

What an amazing story. I was so glad that Snow pulled through. How about you? Would you have taken the chance? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this plucky kitty! Please leave your comments below!

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