This cat surely was a human in another life, just watch him sleep!

There are definitely many animals that are human-like in their appearance and actions! Cats are known to sometimes sit in very human positions; check out how this adorable little guy sleeps! I was cracking up as I watched the video, the clip is absolutely funny and adorable. I am personally biased towards cats, but I swear, they never disappoint when it comes to hilarious adorable videos.

Duslo, which means “majesty,” sure does look majestic as he sleeps. With his front paws all nicely tucked in and folded on his belly, you just want to squeeze him he’s so cute! The fact that he is also a verifiable grey fluff ball also helps the hilarious factor. Even though he does have a quite impressive stare of death, I sometimes wonder if cats are bitter because of their fluffiness.

With his feet pointed straight into the air, Duslo drowses off into a glorious sleep. He definitely sleeps like a king and won’t suffer anyone interrupting him!

Share this hilarious sleepy guy with all your family and friends! I know that my own cat finds the most hilarious way to sleep!