This Cat Had Two Names. You’ll Be Shocked When You Learn Why! AMAZING!

The cat starring in the next video is named “Frank and Louie”. “But why two names’” you might be wondering, and the reason is very simple: he has two faces! Frank and Louie is what is known as a Janus cat, and he now holds the record for the longest lived Janus cat ever. This condition is named after an old Roman god who was portrayed with two faces.

The vets said that the cat would probably not live longer than a week, but amazingly, Frank and Louie was able to live for much longer than that. The woman in the video, Ms. Stevens, took him in when he was just a day old, when he was scheduled to be euthanize as a way to ease his pain. But Ms. Stevens knew that he could be a happy cat, and she decided to give him a better life herself.

At the time of the recording, Frank and Louie was already the oldest Janus cat ever, at 12 years of age. Since the video was recorded, Frank-and-Louie has passed away, at 15 years old, but he proved that Janus cats can live lives just as fulfilling as their one-faced cousins!

Watch this two-faced cat’s full story in the heartwarming video right below.

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