Her Cat Waited Ten Days For The Dog To Come Home, And Watch When He Walks In

The animosity between two of our favorite animals is well-documented through books, cartoons, and pop culture at large. If we’re to trust what we see on TV, we’d believe that cats spend their days plotting against dogs, and that man’s best friend is forever lying in wait for a kitty to chase.

This notion probably comes from the behavioral differences between the two species. A dog will gleefully bound up to a person he’s never met before, whereas a cat would be far more aloof. He may even observe a newcomer for several hours or days, often from the top of a bookshelf or fridge, before he feels comfortable enough to sniff and explore a new friend.

But then there’s Bow-Z the dog and Jasper the cat. When Bow-Z returned home from being away for 10 days, nobody expected his kitty companion to react like this. I won’t give it away, but I will say that it’s just about the most adorable, heart-warming moment between four-legged siblings I’ve ever seen! I love how Bow-Z behaves as if he wants the cat to leave him alone. I imagine him saying, ”Jasperrrr, get off of me!” But Jasper just won’t let go and I don’t think the dog really wants him to.

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