Check out these 7 winter hacks that will keep you warm this winter

Once the temperatures start to go down, it can be tough for you to find ways to stay warm. You might be surprised at how many ways there still are to keep yourself warm during the winter season. Many people have thought about ways to do it and I have compiled the best 7 ways to do so. They are simple and cheap, some of them won’t cost you a thing. You can do them with things you already have in your home.

One of the best ways is by automating your coffee maker. Most coffee makers have a built-in timer or can be connected to one. You can start your day with a fresh cup of coffee. What you need to do is set your timer the night before for about 15 minutes before you wake up. As soon as you are up and going you will have a fresh cup of coffee that will help you stay warmer. This hack will also save you those extra 15 minutes preparing the coffee yourself or having to get one at a popular coffee chain.

Another way is with the use of thermostats. At home, thermostats can detect the temperature around them, so if you trick your thermostat to think the temperature is colder than it really is, it will start sooner and keep your house much warmer. You can do this by placing a small bag of ice on top of it. Just be careful not to get any water in the thermostat or it will stop working.

Warming up your bed before getting in is another wonderful way of staying warm. The way you will do this is by placing an electric blanket under the covers a few minutes before getting in bed. Then, just turn the electric blanket on low to get the best results. Just in case make sure to read the instructions beforehand so that you are not using it in a way that could cause future problems.

Now that you’re warming your bed covers, you might also want to warm up your clothes for the next day. This can make your getting-ready routine something to look forward to. The way you do this is by placing an electric blanket on top of the clothes. Then, as soon as you wake up, turn on the blanket on low. By the time you’re your clothes on they will feel as warm as if they had just come out of the dryer.

Would you like to find out what the rest of the hacks are? Then, please click on the video below. You are going to be as warm as a winter fireplace in no time!