This Chihuahua Was In A Cage All His Life. When He Was Freed, He Did THIS! Precious!

Dogs have been friends with humans for nearly ten thousand years. The two species have grown close together and have both benefitted from working together. But not all humans are nice. The people who owned this puppy mill have committed an act of indescribable cruelty.

Fortunately for the dogs, there are groups out there like The Humane Society. These groups strive to rescue dogs from situations like this and to rehabilitate the dogs they rescue so they can find loving homes. Numerous dogs were rescued from this puppy mill, but not all of them survived the cruel hand they had been dealt. But many of them found loving forever homes, and this video tells the story of one of them.

This video focuses on a dog named Billy. Billy was rescued from a puppy mill. This little Chihuahua was just skin and bone when he was rescued. Even though Billy had been mistreated his whole life, he was not depressed or aggressive. He was so loving and grateful, that his rescuer from The Humane Society couldn’t let him go. He adopted Billy, and their love story is told in this clip.

Get your tissues ready. When you see the man who adopted Billy, you might not think he looks like the soft-hearted guy he really is. But what he did for Billy and for all of the dogs he rescues, is just amazing. I love this story.

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