This circus tiger had never felt love before. Watch her reaction to finding true love!

Circuses have been banned from using animals as part of their shows in pretty much every country. Government organizations have gone the extra mile to make sure that it stays that way. But issuing a new law is not the only way to get things done. Law enforcement agencies still need to go out there and make sure that these circuses are following the law.

Everything got started when some footage from a circus leaked into the Internet. In this footage, you could see circus workers with some elephants as they were trying to get them to do some tricks. The footage showed the circus staff hitting the elephants and tying them in a way that would hurt them as ‘punishment’ for not complying with their orders.

The footage also showed the staff abusing some other animals like tigers and bears. This triggered a government investigation that sent officials to inspect the conditions that these animals were forced to live. When they got there, they found things that sent chills down their spines. The animals were in a severe state of malnutrition. Some of them had wounds as a result of being struck with a whip.

Others were being starved because of lack of food or to ‘make’ them comply. One circus staff member even went so far as to say that they needed to break some of these animals, so they would be easier to work with. This behavior outraged the community and the government officials. The officials closed down that circus and seized the animals to be relocated in several zoos in the area.

This act also triggered governments from many countries to ban the use of animals in circuses. A group of officials in each country was gathered and they were given the order of retrieving any animal they found in circuses. It took them some time, but they managed to rescue pretty much all of them.

One of them was the tigress in the following video. When she was rescued, she weighed only 30 pounds when she was supposed to weigh 120 pounds. She was nine months old at the time but looked much younger. It took her rescuers about 8 more months to get her back into shape. When this was done, her rescuers thought she still needed one more thing…love. Click on the video for the ‘happily ever after’ part of her story! Once you do, don’t forget to share this video with your friends. It’s not every day that we get to see a story-book ending in real life!