Claire Sings to Daddy With a Brand New Song, But Watch When She Closes Her Eyes

Claire Ryann CrosbyIf you have not heard of Claire Ryann Crosby, there is no doubt that you will be familiar with her music soon. Her fame is spreading like wildfire.

Now she’s singing a song from the hit movie “The Greatest Showman” and it has the Internet in tears.

Claire Ryann Crosby sings with her Dad, Dave Crosby

This little girl has perfect pitch. Sweet-voiced little angel baby. What a darling. Just an amazingly talented family with great values in life!! We need a lot more Crosby’s in the world.

Ever since Claire was born, mom and dad have been singing songs to her.  She was raised by music, enveloped by it day and night. The family sang, enjoyed musicals with each other and learned to play instruments. It is no wonder that she has extraordinary talent at this young age.

Her fame started one day when proud dad posted a video of her singing on Facebook. It went viral. From that moment, the experience exploded across the media.

Now she is singing a duet with Dad that is simply beyond cute of course, but there’s no denying she has pure talent AND perfect pitch. This is my favorite song on the soundtrack and she sings it beautifully! 😍

She’s going to be an amazing singer when she’s older. I mean she is now, but she’s going to get even better.

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