Cockatoo Curses Her Dad Off For Cutting Her Nails. Now Listen To Her Words Carefully! LOL!

Pets are known to curb your boredom and give you good company. But if you own a pet, you also know that grooming them can be a real challenge. You have probably seen stubborn dogs and their temper tantrums while taking a bath, and who could forget cats and their aggressiveness towards water? And as the video below shows, cockatoos don’t like to be groomed either.

I am sure you have watched a few videos featuring Pebble before. This beautiful bird is quickly taking over the internet with her craziness. Her dad had just trimmed her nails before filming this video. In this clip, Pebble lets him know how she felt about it. She curses her dad off, but her rage really cracked me up. Before blaming her owner for her behavior, you must understand that Pebble is a rescue. Her previous home was detrimental for her and we should be glad she is being taken care of properly now.