Cockatoo snitches on the cat to dad. Watch the whole story. And the level of detail… LOL!

Pets are wonderful companions. Which pet should you get? For people, it’s always been a two-sided coin: cats or dogs. The funny thing is, there are so many animals that we can adopt as pets. The problem with getting a different one is having imagination and creativity. Growing up, I had my fair share of diverse pets. The first pet that I got was a spider. It was big. A tarantula to be exact. It didn’t last very long at the house.

As soon as my mother found out about it, the spider was out. This left me heartbroken. I’ve always loved animals. I can’t imagine my life without an animal companion. It wasn’t like I was very lonely. I had a lot of friends and played with them every day. But for some reason, I always felt that pets would have a very special place in my heart. And it was always like this.

The next pet that I got was a centipede. I know you’re probably thinking: “what kind of little kid has pets like these?” Well, I grew up in a desert. When you grow up in Arizona, you will see your fair share of these critters. That pet lasted longer than the spider. The reason was that I kept it from my mother. It all started as a science project.

We were supposed to bring an animal and talk about it for about a minute. After the science project, I kept it as a pet. After the centipede, I had all sorts of insects. On the contrary, my mother was pretty much a ‘dog-person.’ One day, one of the neighbors gave her a bird. We didn’t really know anything about birds at the time. But this bird was special. He sang very nicely. After a while, my mother had many of them. It’s like having a dog but without all the maintenance.

There are many birds you can have as pets. One of the most interesting ones is the cockatoo. This bird is not only cute, but he can also speak. I was amazed when I heard the bird speak for the very first time. How can they do that? I imagined. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one thinking this. The guy in the next video also gets one. One of the things he enjoys doing after work is having a small chat with his pet bird.

This always brings a smile to his face as the bird says the funniest things. One day, he gets home and starts his daily chat with the bird. What the bird tells him doesn’t surprise him. It’s about the cat. Apparently, the cat has been trying to get the birdie into trouble again. The man has always told his pet bird to watch out for the cat. The cat always has something under his sleeve. Watch this video. This really made my day!